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What Is In An Electronic Cigarette

Starter KitIt is an alternative to tobacco that can save you money, improve your health and change the way you think about smoking forever. Imagine a device that looks, tastes and feels like a regular cigarette but has none of the toxic smoke and cancer causing chemicals associated with tobacco. Instead, it uses a chemical free e-liquid to deliver a precise nicotine dose.

How Do E-Cigarettes Work

The Lithium Ion Battery contains and powers the micro-electronic management system. It senses when you take a draw and activates the atomizer. It is rechargeable via several methods including USB, AC, Car Adapters and portable chargers (PCC Kits). It will last between one and three days on a single charge depending on the user. With proper care, a battery will last three to six months before it needs replacing. A new battery costs about $10

E-Cigarette Starter Kit
The Atomizer (aka vaporizer) heats and vaporizes a tiny amount of e-liquid for inhalation. When inhaled, the vapor tastes and feels like you're inhaling smoke from a cigarette. With proper care, an atomizer will last six months to a year and can be replaced for about $9
The Cartridge holds the e-liquid until vaporized by the atomizer. It holds the equivalent of approximately 15 to 20 cigarettes. Cartridges are refillable and/or replaceable. Most people refill their cartridges as it costs literally pennies and is really quite easy. Others discard their empty cartridge as it is easier than refilling. You can refill a cartridge many times before it needs to be replaced. Normally, a cartridge will last about one month and can be
replaced for as little as $1.

Starter Kit vs PCC Kit

When buying E Cigarettes, they come as a Starter Kit or PCC Kit. The starter kit contains everything you need to get started using your electronic cigarette. Starter kits come in various combination's of components. Some will come with car chargers etc. while others will not. The type and number of accessories included will determine how much you pay for the kit. There is also what is known as a PCC Kit. The PCC kit (aka Personal Charging Case) is designed to hold what you need for a full day of vaping. It holds extra batteries and e-liquid and also acts as a battery charger so you always a fresh battery.

Does Smokeless Cigarette Save Money?

The answer is absolutely yes. You are guaranteed to save money with an e-cigarette. Because once you purchase your starter kit, you will pay nothing except to refill your cartridges and replace worn batteries or atomizers.

With the cost of a cartridge about $1 and its equivalence to approximately 15 to 20 cigarettes, you will save between four and five dollars per pack of cigarettes. Multiply this by the number of packs you smoke per day. If you smoke one pack per day, you can save $100 per month. Now imagine if you smoke two or even 3 packs a day and the amount you save really adds up.